Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Girlfriend Request 1001: Hello, you here?

Good afternoon,

My name is Anjilya. I write you from state Azerbaijan. I am after serious
relations via Internet.

Some details about me: I am pleasant, honest, interesting girl, but I am
very lonely, and I find it tough to find a good boyfriend in here. I want to
find a true person from some other place with whomh I can live my entire
life. I'm faithful and caring.

I  send you this email hoping to get back an answer from you, I also send
you my photo.

If you don’t have relations right now, and if you’re single too, then I
hope you respond me back. I want to know you better and see your photos. I
hope you’ll like my appearance, and you'll answer me soon. In the future
e-mails I'll tell you more about my life. I also jope to discover more about
you. I look forward to your reply.


P.s. please never ask me for nude pictures. I am not that kind of person.