Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Outrage and Disgust

So this woman allegedly slips an angry letter under the door of her neighbor with a special needs child and now it is being posted on Facebook because the people posting it were disgusted and outraged by it.  I read some of it though I never would have had the people outraged and disgusted by it in the first placed never shared it.  I feel that now I am obligated to say that I am also outraged and disgusted but I'm not.  And anyway, I don't like sharing things that outrage and disgust me on Facebook.  I like to share my video gaming achievements and zany quotes or music videos that I think might entertain those who know me.  How can one possibly be truly outraged and disgusted by something so stupid anyway?  I mean, are you really disgusted, like did you read the letter and actually want to vomit?  Were you really outraged, I mean, did your blood start to boil and did you beat your chest for want of the words that would express your feelings? I doubt it.  I think that the objections to the letter were just as hyperbolic as the letter itself.  If you have a special needs child at home or something it may have gotten under your skin because it hit close to home yet are you going to rush out into the street yelling and demanding justice?  I think that it's just another case of too many words.  Too many words.