Friday, January 25, 2013

Blue Haiku

Feel like a shitbird
Allergies kick a brother
Sick as a mother

Influenza credenza
Snot is running down his nose
My asshole tightens

Whip the mule's ass hard
Tippy toe until you fall
Tan a toddler hide

Nose is sore right now
Blew it then broke it in two
Full of piss and clit

Jungle gym hi jinks
When they catch you after school
Strapped up and racked up

Take a baby bottle
Sippy upper lip kissy
Take them panties off

She wanted a fist
Furious repetitive
Morbidly obese

You must eat healthy
The cream rose to the tip top
Down the hatch it goes

Just wet my whistle
Before mother has returned
Washing the bed sheets